Child Therapy

Are you worried about your child’s emotional or psychological wellbeing?

We are ready to give your little ones the best care available.

Are your children acting out or behaving in a way that is affecting their academic performance? Are they getting bullied, or having a hard time getting along with their peers? Does it feel impossible to get them to follow directions and routines at home?


Can child therapy help my child and their mental health?

If you’re a parent wondering how you can help your child, you’re not alone. We know how difficult and painful it can be to watch your child struggle and go through life with additional challenges that a child should not have to face. It can also be very challenging as a parent to find the right support for you and your child to make sure you are getting the help that you need.

Maybe you’ve asked friends and family for support. You’ve bought books with the hope that with more knowledge, you’ll be able to figure out what parenting technique will be the one that fixes the problem. A loving parent would do anything to take those pains away from their child who is experiencing sadness or stress.

Sadly, when a child is going through stress, they don’t have the vocabulary to communicate to teachers and parents what they are going through and how to best help them. Instead, they communicate their distress by their behaviors, such as not having much of an appetite, not wanting to have those playdates they used to love, or having a hard time following directions.

Parenting can already be such a challenge at times, but having to dissect what our children’s behaviors mean, and then figuring out how to help them can feel like the most overwhelming, daunting, and nearly impossible task when you’re in the thick of it.

Here at Relucent Psychology Group, we specialize in child therapy & counseling that will help you help you and your child navigate through the trying times and difficult life experiences that they’re facing. With child therapists who have been trained to focus on childrens’ psychological issues and mental health, we are ready to give your little ones the best care available.

Our child therapists not only aim to connect with your child and make them feel as comfortable as possible during treatment, but they also work to connect with the parents to ensure parents feel supported and heard during their time of need.

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Many children are struggling, with parents feeling lost and confused.

These days, children are facing more and more challenges than ever before. With more exposure to media, they are exposed to so much new information almost every day, and some of that information may not always be appropriate given their developmental age.

They are faced with the task of having to make sense of this overwhelming environment while also trying to make friends, follow rules, do well in school and sports, etc. And if there are any undiagnosed learning difficulties, ADHD, grief, trauma, or medical conditions the child is grappling with, that makes being a child these days just that much harder.

Parenting has also become harder. Many of the families we work with have multiple children with both parents working full time. It can feel impossible as a parent to stay on top of your work demands, your own personal self care, and parenting your child who may be going through a tough time.

That’s where our therapists at Relucent Psychology Group come in. We know how hard it can be navigating the school system when you need to address school issues, how it can feel like you’re drowning when you’re juggling work, parenting, and everything else in your life.

We want you to know, we can help!

How does child therapy work?

Our collaborative and interactive approach in child therapy focuses on your child, but also how you can best be supported. If you decide to take the next step, you can expect your child therapist to focus on the following:

  • gathering information from you as the parent because you know your child best,
  • getting to know your child and building rapport with them because every child is unique and special in their own way,
  • sharing our clinical and professional impressions on what factors may be contributing to the struggles impacting your child presently so you can finally get a deeper understanding on what has been affecting your child,
  • introducing potential new ways to connect with your child and help them in the ways that your child needs most outside of therapy sessions,
  • providing a safe and therapeutic environment for your child to express their inner world where they can express painful feelings they may not know how to verbalize,
  • encouraging the use of healthy coping skills and promoting a better understanding of themselves
  • Integrating the growth that has taken place in therapy and their day to day lives, so you as the parent can see first hand the remarkable change and benefit your child experienced from therapy.
child therapist in Campbell CA

But how do we do that at Relucent?

We provide our therapy services using a child centered approach, implementing techniques from play and art therapy. Our therapists use various games, toys, art supplies, puppets, and a number of activities that naturally engage and encourage children to participate.

By using these tools in therapy, we’re able to bridge the communication gap and connect with each unique child in a non-threatening and natural way.

Using play and art in your child’s therapy sessions can also give them free expression to act out their fears, anxieties and experiences in a safe environment.

Through play, we’re also able to model and teach coping skills and ways to navigate a variety situations in a manner that the child can readily understand and apply in their day to day life.

young boy and father holding video game controllers
young family sitting on bed together smiling

With our approach, your child will also develop a unique bond with their therapist that will demonstrate to them how to build the trust necessary to make psychological and emotional breakthroughs.

Play therapy works through three main stages:


  1. Your child plays in a safe environment and builds a relationship of trust with the counselor.
  2. Your child begins to communicate through struggles, building on the exploratory experiences we had in the first stage. It is here where the counselor begins to fully understand and examine the issues the child is facing through how the child is playing during the therapy session.
  3. We lay out a continued self-care (and parent-guided care) plan in which we empower the child to engage in their world with confidence, and a much deeper understanding of themselves and how they can manage stressors when they come their way. This can take a few sessions or a longer course of care may be recommended depending on the diagnosis of the child and their response to therapy.

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