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Questions about California psychological testing?

Have you ever struggled socially or cognitively and wanted recommendations on how to manage this? Are you wondering about what type of job or school setting would be the best fit for you? Are you curious about your strengths? If any of these questions sound familiar, having psychological testing completed by one of our trained psychologists may be the answer for you. We tailor each test to vary, depending on your individual’s needs. We believe that using research-based methods with personalized feedback provides clear and accessible information about how to successfully handle your current situation.

What is psychological testing and assessments and how can they help?

Psychological testing is a process where one of our licensed psychologists will evaluate your social, emotional, and cognitive capacities. This is done by collecting information about your past and present functioning—oftentimes psychologists use family history, personal history, educational records, mental health and/or medical records, conversations with important people in your life, and formal testing measures to do this.

At Relucent Psychology Group, we offer psychological assessments using Therapeutic Assessment, meaning that we collaborate with you to explore ways your life can be improved by building upon the skills you already have.

How do I know if psychological evaluation is right for me?

Here are some common reasons individuals ask for psychological testing:

  • Difficulties focusing at school/work
  • Struggling with organization

  • Troubles communicating with others

  • Anxiety and worries getting in the way of everyday life

  • Depression and sadness getting in the way of everyday life

  • Unsure if a psychological condition is present

  • Wondering what your IQ is

  • Trouble finding the right fit for a job or school setting

  • Curiosity about one’s personality

  • Curiosity about one’s style of thinking

  • Suspected difficulties due to an underlying psychological condition

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How can psychological testing help me?

Psychological assessment is a great way to better understand yourself and learn about your strengths and areas of need. Assessments offer personalized recommendations that are related to the reason you sought out testing and that help you to know what your next steps are. Comprehensive assessments are a wonderful way to get a well-rounded picture of your overall current abilities; these evaluations look in-depth at your social, emotional, cognitive, and personality functioning and can provide you with diagnostic information as applicable.

Brief personality assessments are an excellent way to get to know yourself on a deeper level by specifically focusing on your personality traits and social-emotional abilities; while brief testing cannot provide diagnostic information, it can provide extremely valuable feedback for yourself, your family member, your therapist, and others in your life who may want to better understand you or to assist with current treatment you may be receiving. Brief cognitive testing is an opportunity to learn about your brain’s current memory abilities, speed of processing information, ability to focus and learn, visual-spatial skills, language skills, and organization abilities.

With any psychological assessment, individuals leave feeling empowered, have better awareness of how to be productive and successful at school and/or work, feel better able to manage life’s stressors, and gain incredible insight into why they do the things they do.

How much is psychological testing in CA and what is involved?

Fees are dependent on the type of evaluation being requested. The flat rate for the assessment will be paid 50% at the initial intake meeting and 50% at the last testing session – all fees are paid in full prior to scheduling a feedback session and receiving your final report. Payment plans can be discussed during your initial consultation.

The following psychological assessment packages include: an intake session, review of medical/psychiatric/educational records, school observation (for children), direct testing hours (ranges from 2-12 hours, depending on the question being evaluated), scoring, interpretation and write-up, collateral contacts (emails and phone calls), and a report with personalized recommendations provided during a feedback session.

IQ Only
Adult Autism
Adult Autism & Executive Functioning/IQ
Child Autism
Adult/Child ADHD
Adult Autism & ADHD
Child Autism & ADHD***
Full Report*
Report Summary Only**

*Full reports include a detailed write-up of your personal background information, interpretations of tests, explanations of diagnoses (if found), and lists of recommendations/resources to use after your evaluation.

**The one page summary simply uses bullet points to show the tests that were administered and your diagnoses (if found). The one page summary is beneficial for individuals who are curious about a particular diagnosis but may have financial limitations – you are able to request a full report be provided, at an additional fee, at a later time. The summary option may also be useful for individuals who have been evaluated in the past and are seeking a re-evaluation to confirm or deny the past diagnosis.

You will receive an initial quote based on which of the above-mentioned packages best fits your needs; for services that do not fall into one of the packages above, we bill at an hourly rate of $225. A 50% deposit at intake is based upon your initial estimated quote. Quotes can change during the assessment process if additional testing is warranted based upon test findings; the psychologist will discuss any change to your quote prior to providing additional services.

Most reports are completed within 1.5 – 3 weeks from the point that testing is completed. An expedited (rushed) report can be provided for an additional fee of: $500 to receive your report within four business days of test completion, or $750 to receive your report within two business days of test completion.

We are considered out of network with all insurance providers, thus we do not accept insurance for any of our services. This is to ensure that we are able to provide you a comprehensive and thorough service, without the significant restrictions that many insurance companies require.

We can provide a superbill if needed at the conclusion of your evaluation that you may submit to your insurance provider to attempt reimbursement. There is no guarantee that you will be reimbursed for any services provided.

It is recommended that you reach out to your insurance provider prior to contacting us for an intake to understand your benefits if you plan to receive a superbill. Ask the insurance provider about your “out of network psychological testing” benefits and they may ask you which codes are being billed; we typically bill the following CPT codes: 90791, 96130, 96131, 96136, and 96137.

If you are interested in receiving psychological testing for yourself or your child, please reach out today to schedule a free 15-minute phone or video consultation. This is a great opportunity to ask any additional questions and to begin taking steps towards a life that feels manageable and meaningful!

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What to Expect on Testing Day

  • Testing consists of a variety of activities:

    • Answering questions

    • Completing hands-on tasks

    • Writing

    • Drawing

    • Completing puzzles

  • Any questions you have about testing can be emailed to: [email protected]


  • Testing will start and end on time, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled testing start time

    • If doing virtual testing, please be prepared to log-in 5 minutes prior to test start time

  • There will be bathroom and rest breaks as needed, and a 30-minute lunch break will be provided when testing is longer than a 3-hour block

Things to Remember for Testing Day

  • Please be prepared to pay half of the estimated cost for the eval to your first scheduled appointment.

  • Please bring all paperwork completed (self, informant, and teacher forms – if applicable).

  • Getting a good night’s sleep the night before the testing day is important!

    • Avoid staying up very late, having caffeine the night before, or deviating too far from your normal routine.

  • Eat a good breakfast!

  • Typically medications should be taken as usual on the testing day unless your clinician says otherwise. ADHD medication should NOT be taken on testing day, however.

  • Bringing snacks and water to the session may be helpful during breaks.

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