When you hear the term “couples therapy,” what do you think of? For many, couples therapy is associated with unhappy marriages and couples with major issues. However, every type of relationship, both new and old, can experience the benefits of couples therapy.

Studies show that today, couples therapy has about a 75 percent success rate. If you and your significant other are looking for ways to reintroduce a spark or work through disagreements, therapists can help.

For more on the incredible benefits of couples therapy, continue reading below!

1.  Improves Communication Skills

In any successful relationship, communication is key. A survey found that poor communication is the number one reason why couples split up. Fortunately, couples therapy can help you and your partner can find ways to enhance your communication and improve your relationship.

Experienced therapists can help you determine ways to express feelings of anger, sadness, or disappointment in a healthy way. Therapists can also help you find ways to express feelings of love, happiness, and kindness more openly.

If you find difficulty expressing your feelings in your relationship, this is one of the top couples therapy advantages. This benefit can also help you communicate better with others such as with friends and coworkers.

2. Manages Conflict

No matter the phase you and your partner are in, conflict can arise in even the healthiest of relationships. Couples therapy can help you and your partner turn arguments and frustration into productivity.

Therapists can help you and your partner determine the source of unhappiness in your relationship. Whether working through general disagreements or major issues, therapists can provide a resolution. They can also help you find healthy ways to work through frustration, anger, and arguments in the future.

3. Builds Trust

Without trust, it’s difficult for any relationship to thrive. Whether you and your partner are in a new relationship or have been together for years, there are always ways to build trust.

If you and your partner are facing an issue that has caused you to lose trust, seeing a therapist can help you find ways to overcome it. If you are looking to build trust in a new relationship, therapists can also help you create healthy habits. Therapists can help by providing trust exercises to build a solid foundation for you and your partner.

4. Increases Intimacy

For different relationships and types of people, the importance of intimacy will vary. If you’re looking to improve the level of intimacy in your relationship, couples therapy can help. A relationship or couples therapist can also help in cases where one partner feels overstimulated or less enthusiastic than the other.

Some studies find that emotional intimacy plays a large role in maintaining physical intimacy for a longer period of time. Your therapist can help you work on emotional and physical intimacy for a more fulfilled relationship.

Experience the Benefits of Couples Therapy

If you want to make your relationship feel happier, healthier, and stronger than ever before, couples therapy may be a top option for you. To potentially experience the benefits of couples therapy, start by discussing these advantages with your partner.

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