Did you know that post-pandemic divorce rates have increased? People noticed cracks in their relationships and sought a way out. If you would like to look into couples therapy, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn why people pursue couples therapy to keep their marriages thriving. A therapist can help you identify areas for growth and strengths in your relationship.

Get some perspective today, and check out the tips below.

1. Are You Arguing All the Time?

Are you and your partner getting into arguments over little and big things? Therapy can help you identify how to communicate less reactively and more effectively so you both feel heard and understood.

Couples tend to get caught in defensiveness, reactivity, and blame. You can learn how to communicate and even diffuse arguments. This way, you won’t engage in harmful behaviors that damage your relationship.

2. You Have Repetitive Arguments

Most couples will have problems that seem to resurface from time to time.

Yet, repetitive fights aren’t usually the actual issue at hand. Sometimes, these repeat arguments happen because they trigger a response from our past.

Your partner might do something that reminds them of a time when you were bullied or falsely accused. Instead of reacting to the present, you’re responding based on your history and the present stressor.

Your therapist will help you uncover these triggers and you can learn how to get out of these unhealthy patterns.

3. You’re Making a Major Transition

Some people seek couples therapy because they need help navigating a life change. You might have recently moved, started a new job, or expanded your family.

Even good stress can affect your relationship. You might feel exhausted from all the changes and notice you’re snapping at your loved one.

Look at reaching out to a therapist. They can help you both identify what’s going on and healthy ways to cope. You may need to prioritize self-care and help one another adjust. 

Your therapist will help you discuss potential challenges ahead. They will help you adjust to the upcoming changes and guide you on how to work together as a team.

4. You Aren’t as Intimate

There are so many reasons why intimacy changes in a relationship.

Often, couples share they are too busy with work or their kids. They might say their spark or attraction isn’t present. Seeing a therapist to explore these sensitive topics in a safe environment can feel like a burden is being lifted off of you and you can finally speak to the heard of some issues within your relationship. 

Talking to a therapist can help you explore where the disconnect occurred. You can learn how to become intimate again if you both desire it. Learn more about what to expect at couples therapy

Consider Pursuing Couples Therapy Today

Will your relationship benefit from a therapy session? Meet with a local therapist to understand why you have the same arguments, improve your communication skills or get extra help during a significant life change.

If you’re ready to prioritize your relationship, contact us today. We would love to help you rebuild your relationship.

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