by Dr. Bridget Wieckowski, PsyD.

Have You Ever Had A Question About Yourself That You Wish Could Be Answered?

This could include thoughts like “why can’t I sit still” or “why is it hard to be around other people”, to even something as big as “what makes me who I am”. Psychological testing, also called psychological assessment or an evaluation, is your chance to work with a psychologist who wants to help you find answers to these questions. How this happens is relatively simple: our first hour is spent discussing your past and current experiences, while the rest of the time is spent taking tests that have been chosen because they will give the best information about you.

Most peoples’ first reaction to psychological testing includes memories of how testing was in school – for some test taking was exciting, but for many even the idea of it brings up feelings of stress and anxiety. Our assessor uses a collaborative and strengths-based approach. This means that we work with you to figure out how to balance the harder, more stressful moments in life with the more relaxed and enjoyable ones. This also means that we make sure you understand why and how each step of the testing happens so you can feel confident and comfortable as you learn about yourself!

Here Are A Few Ways Psychological Testing Has Been Extremely Helpful

  • Adults frequently share that it’s a relief to have clearer answers to long-standing problems
  • Parents get a better understanding of their child’s needs and strengths
  • To figure out what type of therapy, job, or lifestyle fits you
  • To learn your IQ score and thinking skills
  • To put a name or an explanation to your experiences
  • Children and teens receive a personalized story that helps them understand their difficulties and strong points

We have many options available ranging from comprehensive evaluations to specific “mini” evaluations. If you want to explore more information about psychological testing, don’t hesitate to contact our assessor Bridget Wieckowski, PsyD or reach out to us by phone at (408) 680-1441 for a free consultation!

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